Private Personal Training

After a detailed initial assessment to learn more about you: your needs, your goals, what success looks like, what’s been holding you back or frustrating you in the past and what type of support and motivation works best with you, I’ll create a customized program to help you get the results you want.

You also get all of my best resources, insider secrets and advice to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the real world. Like how to make good food choices, easy food prep, simple mistakes to avoid, and of course, how to deal with those last minute, unplanned moments when life gets in the way of your healthy routine.

If you’re interested in working with me privately, please fill out this short application and tell me a bit about yourself. I’ll respond within 24-48 hours to set up a time to talk.


Fitness Programs 

Give Me Strength

Cardio is great to build endurance and stronger hearts and lungs. And since it’s a major calorie-burner, it’s important for weight loss. But, here’s the thing: If you want to change your body, you’re going to need strength training, too. Let me repeat that. If you want to change your body—losing body fat and gaining lean muscle mass—you need to strength train regularly.

If you’re not strength training yet, you’re missing out on some incredible benefits, like:

  • You burn more calories even at rest. For every pound of muscle you gain, your resting metabolic rate (RMR)—the calories your body burns keeping you alive—increases by 30 to 50. Strength training is an absolute requirement if you are restricting calories—whether you’re doing it through intermittent fasting or standard dieting because it will ensure you maintain or even increase the size of your muscles while you’re losing body fat.
  • You retain more muscle as you get older. After age 20, we start to lose about one-half pound of muscle every year. Strength training slows or even halts that loss. If you didn’t slow the loss, every ten years you’d need to eat 150 – 450 less calories per day to maintain your current weight.
  • You build stronger bones. Because strength training puts stress on your bones (think about the force you apply when you lunge, do push-ups or jump squats), you force them to build back up stronger. That increased bone density means you could very likely skip the hip fracture or other injuries later in life.
  • You look better naked. Toned muscles under the skin tightens everything and lifts it a bit higher. That means less jiggle, if you get what I’m saying.
  • You have a clearer head, better mood. Not only does exercise bathe your brain in blood, oxygen and feel good hormones, it also improves brain function and memory.
  • You age more gracefully. Strength training boosts your body’s natural release of growth hormone—the youth hormone—which aids in the turnover of muscle and bone and increases your fat metabolism.

So, why do so many people default to cardio and stay away from the dumb bells?

Maybe you’ve never done any strength training and you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you’re subscribing to some of the common myths about strength training (it will make me bulky, it will make me gain weight, cardio burns more fat) and it’s keeping you from adapting it into your routine.

Whatever your reason, it’s time to change your tune. Let me help you get started with this 60-day program.

Give Me Strength will teach you the basics of lifting and provide workouts that challenge your body so you get the results you want. Each week, you’ll get a new strength plan, videos that demonstrate each exercise so you get your form right and tips to maximize your workout. Each workout requires your own body weight and a minimum amount of equipment. Support, motivation and accountability are baked right in to help you stick to the program.  COMING JULY 2014.


Boredom is a motivation and results killer when it comes to exercise. Why? Because the same ol’ moves stop challenging your body pretty quickly. And no one really wants to do something that’s boring.

Keep it fresh and challenging with a new workout plan delivered to your email box every two weeks. This month-to-month fitness membership program includes access to my video library of exercise demonstrations so you can see exactly how to do each move and get pointers on making the most of your workout. COMING JULY 2014.