Rookies fight their opponent; ringers fight for self-mastery.

Gravity, time, fake news, fake diets, binge-anything, decision fatigue, narratives of convenience and the disparaging inner monologue — the obstacles and foes we face in our quest to look and feel good are formidable. And still, we can be our own worst enemy. It takes a consistent dedication and a persistent try-it-again approach to see progress toward our ultimate goal and make that progress stick. It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle. At stake is the quality of our life experience.

Evolve Fitness & Coaching forges warriors of real-world ready. To take that trip-of-a-lifetime, we’ve got to hoist the luggage. To keep up with the kids, we’ve got to get some endurance and stay injury free. To slay at that big meeting or the big reunion, we’ve got to be able to walk into that room like we own it, looking and feeling like a million bucks. Evolve nudges people into action on behalf of their heartfelt desires and driving ambitions. We find capability shrouded and mired in doubt, and hone it into a champion for good.  We’re with you, countering the mind games, outwitting and thwarting the challenges.

A little maintenance is in order to steady a wobble, to prevent falling off the wagon until the habit is internalized. But it gets better, you get better, as you go, instilling confidence and competence by showing your real strengths. Together, we work on implementing lifestyle changes to build your body to support your ambitions and to sit comfortably in your own skin. You gain control of your skills and take command like a ringer. You evolve.

You want someone in your corner

You don’t want a dude-bro to yell “drop and give me 20!” You also don’t want someone who tells you to wear a crystal and use essential oils to fix your broken metabolism. You’re seeking chemistry south of the aggressive trainers and north of the new-age-y trainers. You want someone who will be honest with you that the glass of wine you’re having every night may be soothing… but it’s not helping you achieve your goals. You’re looking for a coach who’s been where you are, and who knows how hard it is to shift behaviors and maintain them over time. Someone who knows what it’s like to feel fat, feel out of shape, feel uncomfortable. Trainers are a bit like therapists. The conversations you have can get pretty deep: what makes you tick, what bugs you, what big and little life issues might get in your way, and what will motivate you enough to make changes. The relationship and rapport are everything. You want to be able to ask questions and say things to someone you feel comfortable talking to and who offers a straight answer.

You need more than “eat less and exercise more”

Things are happening with your body that you don’t quite understand. You’re trying to make sense of what’s going sideways, but even though you’ve read up and have a pretty good handle on the basics, it is just not coming together. You’d like to see measurable changes. And, you’d like to see those changes stick. You realize that putting aside fries, and adding an hour or two of exercise a week won’t get it done. It’s time to take a dive into how your body works, and what you can do to work with it. You need someone who goes deeper and broader than usual. You’re looking for intelligent, targeted answers. You’re looking for finesse and nuance in the analysis. The simplistic prescriptions handed down in the health magazines just aren’t going to cut it.

You want a strategy that actually works with your life

You’re busy—with duties and demands on your time from all directions. If you could figure out how to make lifestyle changes that would make the biggest difference to your health and how you feel, AND check everything off on the to do list, you’d have done it by now. You know you are coming up on a precipice where either changes actually happen or the costs of the lifestyle you’ve been living come out of your own hide. Fitting in more activity and exercise will probably be challenging, sure. You can see that a new way or eating—or at least some specific changes—will be called for. And yet it would be awesome if that didn’t dictate spending a ton of extra hours in the kitchen or losing an hour of precious sleep. You need help figuring out the small changes that can make a big difference in your overall health. You need a realistic strategy custom built for your unique needs and life situation, with actionable tactics that you can stick with. You need a real shot at growing into a new you.

You need motivation and accountability

Real-world ready is a lifestyle, not a diet. And it’s not always easy to stick with it. Making meaningful changes and improvements to your health is not a quick fix. Learning to implement a different habit requires letting go of the old habit. You could use real help to do that. You need someone who can spot the moment where you get hung up. Someone who will call you on your shit when you’re putting up resistance or you’re procrastinating. A cheerleader who can propel you to keep you going on those last two or three reps, to fit in that extra strength session, or to put down the bread basket and back away slowly. Someone to hold up a mirror and show you the progress you’ve made—even when you can’t see it on the scale.

A series of choices brought you to this point and a series of choices will get you through. At the very heart of it is the will to recognize the mindset that no longer fits can be changed like clothes. Choose yourself. Choose to evolve.