shutterstock_105458789People always ask me for great circuit routines they can do outside or at the gym. This fat-frying cardio circuit is sure to burn a ton of calories, and will challenge you the whole way.

Do this circuit outside. You can also use the treadmill or elliptical at the gym. In 45 minutes, you’ll do it all—walk, jog, run—torching calories as you work it.

This workout uses something called the Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). RPE is a way of measuring physical activity intensity level. Perceived exertion is how hard you feel like your body is working. It is based on the physical sensations you experience during physical activity, including increased heart rate, increased respiration or breathing rate, increased sweating, and muscle fatigue. Although this is a subjective measure, your exertion rating may provide a fairly good estimate of your actual heart rate during physical activity.

Rate of Perceived Exertion (intensity)


00:00-10:00 Warm up 5
10:00-11:00 4 mph, or similar pace on elliptical 5-6
11:00-12:00 4.5 mph 6
12:00-13:00 5 mph 6-7
13:00-14:00 5.5 mph 7-8
14:00-15:00 6 mph 8
15:00-16:00 6.5 mph 9
16:00-17:00 7 mph 8
17:00-18:00 6.5 mph 7-8
18:00-19:00 6 mph 6-7
19:00-20:00 5.5 mph 6
20:00-30:00 Repeat sequence, starting at 4.5 mph
30:00-40:00 Repeat sequence, starting at 5 mph

Cool down at a level 4 intensity for 5 minutes. Then, give yourself a high-five, because you rocked it.

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