shutterstock_103382993Sometimes, all you have time for is a quickie. Workout, that is!

Life gets hectic. Calendars fill up. And let’s face it. You don’t always have time for a long workout.

But the best exercise is the one you actually do.

So, I put together this short and sweet cardio and strength circuit that will take only 20 minutes.



Quickie Cardio Workout

This heart-pounding, calorie-torching workout can be done anywhere. No weights required.

1: 8 burpees

Kneel down, putting your hands on the ground. Jump both feet backward into a standard plank and quickly jump both feet forward to stand up. Jump up, raising your hands overhead.

Not up for the full burpee? Try the modified version. Kneel down, step one foot, then the other foot back. Then step them forward and stand up.

2: 12 push-ups

Get into a plank position. Arms are under your shoulders. Feet are shoulder-width apart. Lower down into your push-up. Try to do all of the reps in full position. Drop to your knees with your ankles crossed if you need to.

3: High knees (30 seconds)

Start running in place, lifting your knees up to your stomach or chest and swinging your arms for balance and more cardio. Count to 30 slowly in your head.

4: 20 chop squat jacks

Raise your arms overhead, palms together for chop squat jacks. Start your jumping jack, sinking down into the squat, chopping your hands down.

5: 15 forward/backward lunges (each leg)

The forward/backward lunge is just like it sounds … you lunge forward, then backward without stopping in between. Use your arms to steady yourself. But don’t hold your hands together.  It disengages your core.  Slow your pace to maintain balance if needed.

6: 30 mountain climbers

Get in standard plank position for mountain climbers. Your arms aligned under your shoulders. Moving quickly, bring your right knee toward your right elbow, then your left knee toward your left elbow to complete 1 rep. Keep your hips down and don’t let your butt drift into the air.

7: 15 volleyball jump squats

Volleyball jump squats mimic the spike move in volleyball. Feet are shoulder width apart. Arms at your sides. Squat down, sitting way back like you’re sitting in a chair. Jump up, raising your arms overhead and “spiking” the ball.

Repeat two more times.  Don’t even have 20 minutes? That’s okay. Just do one more time.


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